Slow the Flow project with Calder High

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A collaboration between Slow the Flow, Scavenger Labs and Noisy Toys funded by the Community Foundation for Calderdale #iwill. Steve Summers has been working with the whole of year 8 at Calder High in Mytholmroyd, with three days of workshops and presentations focusing on the uses of programmable technology in early warning systems, what can be done locally to reduce flood damage in the community and some of the global issues around climate change and what can be done to reduce it (planting trees, basically!). Calder High school now has a plan for new trees to be planted in the school grounds as part of this project. The trees will be planted next Spring, in collaboration with Treesponsibility ( and Slow the Flow ( Some of the year 8 students will also take part in a further project in which they will plan and impliment an awareness-raising local project and learn new hi-tech coding skills.