What We Do

Scavenger Labs is a Social Enterprise based in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. We run creative project and workshops happen in the areas of art, music and digital making. Our key themes are looking after the environment and understanding how to make positive changes through being creative. Below are some of the ways we work and specific things we do.

Making Change and Social Action Projects

We can draw on years of making community project-based learning, arts processes and experience in environmental campaigning to help facilitate structured social change projects. We are happy to work in partnership with and local arts and STEM practicitioners to help you design and deliver programmes, and especially interested to bring our skills of connecting participants to wider opportunities to build cultural capital.

One current project we are running is with Todmorden High as part of the #iwill funding programme.

Unmaking Workshops

Making as an educational movement is now well established with it’s own magasines, maker Fairs and web communities. There is also lots of research to support how it helps people to learn. UNMaking on the other hand is our take on the old fashioned art of taking things apart to help see what makes them tick and to see what parts we can re use in our Junk Making workshops. Our special sauce here it adding in understanding of the overall life-cycle of technology (from extractive mining of metal components to issues surrounding the e-waste disposal in other countries).

See our posts on UnMaking.

Junk Making Workshops

Our junk making workshops work to re use the components of Unmaking for creative purposes. This work was first developed by Steve Summers from Noisy Toys who created science kits to explore circuits and electromagnetism with materials recycled from desktop computers. We have now expanded this to include the following.

  • Simple Junk Robot building
  • Robot building with moving electronic parts, flashing lights and speakers
  • Interactive Story Books or Story Cards

See our posts on Junk Making

Games for Change Making

Video and computer games used to be very difficult for beginner coders to make. However, in the same way we lift the lid on electronics, we can do the same on how games work. This activity work particularly well as after-school activities or family learning. We also get young people to build their own console controllers to play their own games on.

Mick has a speciality in making games in Javascript and you can read his guide to do this using the Glitch tool here.

Repair Cafes

We are in the process of organising a Repair Cafe in Todmorden. Repair cafes are free events where visitors bring broken things to volunteers to try to repair them. It is a great way to try to reduce waste and to find out more about how our things work. Repair Cafes can happen in different ways but one way is to sign up the the European network at https://repaircafe.org Some of our friends in Manchester run them regularly and they made this video on how to get up and running.

The link between our Scavenging work and repair cafes is that if it can’t be repaired then we can pull apart the broken equipment for parts.

How to set up a repair cafe